Welcome to metswerk - Welcome to  the CGI visualization studio in Berlin!

metswerk, the CGI studio of Thomas Vesper, puts your products into perspective - no matter how big or small, if static or animated, photorealistic or illustrated. metswerk is producing stillsanimations and audio for well-known clients in the fields of industry, film/tv, B2B, B2C and advertising.

3D-visualization plays an important role in many forms of visual communication nowadays. It is an essential tool for product presentations and product marketing especially, because due to the natural limits of conventional photography or film shooting there are also limits for creativity.
The virtual photo studio metswerk starts at exactly that point, where traditional photography fails - with 3D visualization everything becomes possible. When combined with photos or film footage CGI objects cant be identified as such anymore, they appear real.
Further advantages of virtual 3D product visualization are lower costs compared to elaborate photo shootings or film productions as well as the possibility of an interaction of various objects in virtual space.

How we work at metswerk


After analyzing your project in detail we provide you a non-binding offer first. As soon as we have received a job submission and all relevant data like logos, CI-styleguides, CAD-data etc we start working on your project immediately. We keep you posted with ongoing updates and all your change requests are dealt with instantly, so we can complete and deliver your projects according to your timelines.

Having worked in 3D- and motion design for 18 years we know our clients' high standards. We are happy to provide you with our professional advice during any production and support your projects with our ideas and know-how - always having in mind your timings and budget of course.
On the following pages you can find a few references of 3D-visualizations and animations from the fields of product visualization, automotiveTV, film and commercials.
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The Studio.

Metswerk's studio is complete and perfect for meetings, presentations, workshops, small events and parties!

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